My name is Jane Brook and this website is all about colour – how colour can change your life, your appearance, your confidence.

Is this you? "Even though I look smart wearing greys and blacks ‘I have always done it this way’I haven’t got the confidence to wear colour and don't really know where to start. I don't know what colours suit me so stay away from them for fear of getting it wrong or standing out in the wrong way. Its all just a bit scary as I hold things up to me and don't really know if it suits me so play safe.The idea of anything that makes life easier is great but does it work in practice?"

Would you rather feel? "What to wear in a morning is no longer a dilemma, giving me one less thing to think about. I can quickly and easily pick out clothes which saves me time and be confident that it is really works for me. It saves me time, money and basically makes my life easier."

If so, I can help!

You can read more about how colour changed my life in the About Me section, along with more details about me, my family and my life with a fair amount of colour thrown in.

Book me to speak at your event and help me spread the word about colour!

With audiences ranging from the WI, colleges and businesses to the Chamber of Commerce, I am skilled in tailoring talks for your event and aim to get the audience inspired to make changes.

Examples of my recent talks are:

  • Dress The Part
  • Wear Confidence
  • My Journey to Greater Confidence
  • Colour Your Life!
  • Personal Branding and You
  • You are Your Brand
  • How to Make the Right First Impression

I’d love to hear from you,
get in touch!

"Jane is a wonderful speaker, whose talks are stuffed full of information, humour and energy. Jane works with clients around the world to help them make the most of themselves and their wardrobe.  Her talk is called Dress the Part – and will look at what you can do with your current wardrobe. She will look at colour and the impact that it can make on you and your life and just how to harness its power. She will look how to work out what suits you (and what does not) the colour and also just what you do need in your wardrobe!!    Jane is a speaker who has bags of panache and charisma and is not afraid to tell you as it is!!'

Edwina Silver, The Connexion for Women In Business

“I love Jane and what she has done for me I am now more confident about the colours of clothes I can wear and the styles that suit me. I now have a wardrobe I am proud of and can wear anything in. The make up is fantastic and everyone always comments on my lipstick and how amazing it suits me. She is a true genius when it comes to colour.”

Jenni Henderson, Owner of Chrysalis Business Support

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