Monthly Archives: February 2016

Personal stylist – help with impact and influence

Last week I shared with you an article in the Worcester News which talked about the  personal stylist work I had been doing with SME Solicitors. This week it was their networking evening celebrating the start of 2016 and the exciting changes that are happening at SME. As soon as I walked in, I could spot…
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Glasses style – why is it is so important?

Glasses Style - where do you start? Tuesday morning and I'm sitting in the opticians waiting for my regular eye test thinking about glasses style. People are milling about having their eyes tested or choosing glasses or waiting for friends and it is very busy. There is an almost overwhelming choice of frames. I can almost…
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Signature Style, do you have one?

The power of a signature style My job as a personal stylist is far more than fashion and shopping (although I do love that!) Finding your signature style celebrates your uniqueness and builds confidence. No more trying to fit in and be something you’re not. How wonderful! In fact, I got an email this morning…
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