Before jan


From Accountant to Image Consultant

I can honestly say that House of Colour changed my life! I could never have guessed how much.

In seven years, I have gone from hiding away working with numbers in my accountancy career to helping people increase their confidence and self esteem through the clothes they wear changing my own life along the way. I spend my days helping others transform in the way I did. I run classes from my studio in my conservatory, I take clients shopping, I rummage through their wardrobes, I do lots of public speaking and I have fun every day. I still do the finance manager job but just one day a week and I actually enjoy it now.

My story was featured in the local paper


Emma lives in Leeds and has qualified as an accountant and Milly will be starting a Forensic Psychology degree in September.

We have added a rescue dog called Delta to our happy home joining our two cats Dylan (great big ginger tom) and Daphne (nervous little girl) and life is good.

Family, friends, fun and colour fill my days and I love it!