Brighter Events

Are you struggling with a lack of oomph?

Holding yourself back with self limiting beliefs?

Unsure how to reach the goals that shimmer in the distance, the ones that you know would give you the life you crave?

Yup. We’ve all been there too. It’s frustrating. You know that you’re capable of so much more, and yet…

Perhaps you feel too rooted in the old you to allow the new you to emerge. You’d like to reinvent yourself, but you’re not sure how?

Perhaps you want to step up to the next level professionally but you’ve hit a wall?

Perhaps you want to feel better about yourself physically and need some help sticking to the healthy plans you keep making?

Whatever it is, whether professional or personal, there are ways to push past the obstacles. We think it’s about time we shared with you the tried and trusted ways that will lift you out of the doldrums, stop you feeling stuck, so you can move forward with confidence and drive.

We run regular workshops to show you some foolproof methods that will leave you feeling inspired, ready to take action and confident you can do it!
We’ll teach you how to:

  • move from your comfort zone to growth without hitting the panic button and retreating back to where you feel safe.
  • feel confident in your physical self from the outside in and the inside out.
  • generate the energy you need on a daily basis.
  • understand how your brain and beliefs are holding you back.
  • stop relying on willpower to force you into action.
  • how to get out there and do your best, day in, day out.

You know you can do it. We know you can do it! Sometimes though, you just need someone to help you get a leg up. That’s what this event is all about. Giving you some tools and skills to help you get over the hump and feel jam packed full of confidence that you are enough, that you know enough and that you can live the life you want, achieving all your dreams in the process!

Meet your Brighter Events hosts.

Brighter Events

Launa Brooks

Launa Brooks is a qualified Personal Development Coach, having received a distinction for her qualification from The Coaching Academy; the largest UK college for coaches and the world’s most recognised brand in coaching. She is a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and uses NLP techniques throughout her coaching to increase confidence and motivation in her clients. Launa is also a qualified trainer in Lifelong Learning (Adult Education). She has worked with the WEA (Worker’s Education Association), a charity delivering courses to disadvantaged communities, as well as running her own courses and group coaching sessions on topics such as Confidence Building and Stress Management. More about Launa can be found here

Jane Brook

Me! I originally trained as an accountant and worked as a finance manager for many years before she discovered House of Colour. Nowadays I still do accounts but also have an amazing life helping people look and feel great every day. Over the last six years I’ve has been on a real journey (I know it sounds a bit X Factor but it’s true) and I have spent the last five helping others do the same. By learning how to look my best every day, I changed herself. You can do the same. It can be life changing.

Tracy Reck

Tracy Reck is a Personal Trainer and a Professional Speaker. You could be thinking that, as a personal trainer, her main passion is lifting weights and jumping around doing athletic looking things. But it’s not. You might be thinking that perhaps she’s super dull – all about eating ridiculously healthy and obsessed with a “clean” diet. But she’s not. Her main passion is to help other people make lasting changes to their health, without boring them to tears, being patronising or invoking the “heard it all before” response. There’s more about her here

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