Brighter You

As the House of Colour personal stylist for the Worcester and Birmingham area I know that colour can be life changing. Call me on 07970 293341 to find out how I can help you wear confidence.

My Mission:To make getting dressed in the morning quicker, easier and more successful and to rid the world of dull and dodgy work outfits one by one.

Your Solution: The ultimate in personal brand styling, which takes the donkey work out of clothes shopping and ensures you can confidently make the right outfit statements for you.


  • Getting endless compliments about your outfits
  • Feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing
  • Looking great in photographs
  • Genuinely enjoying big events and nights out without worrying about how you look.

Book a Colour Workshop today and discover:

  • How to easily recognise the best colours for you
  • How the right hair and make up will enhance your look
  • How to finish your look with accessories that suit you.

Relax and enjoy a colour workshop on your own or with friends or family in comfortable surroundings.

Take away a personalised booklet and a leather wallet with swatches of your best colours.

Colour Analyst & Personal Stylist

Most people are not naturally stylish. We are led by what’s in the shops or what celebrities are wearing and not what suits us. My background is accountancy so if I can learn the best colours and styles to flatter me and work with my lifestyle, you can too! After all accountants do not tend to be renowned for stylish dressing!

As a society we judge hugely on first impressions and we always have done. We just don’t like to admit it! Back in caveman times we had to quickly decide whether someone was a friend or foe. We do the same nowadays but don’t always realise what we are doing. We unconsciously look at the way people are dressed and their body language. Non-verbal communication is so powerful. Why leave it to chance?

I work with individuals and teams to make sure that the way they present themselves is authentic and to their best advantage.

Best of all, when you wear the colours and styles of clothes that are right, you feel amazing and the compliments flood in. Plus you save money as you wear all the clothes in your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Consultation

The first thing I suggest is that you sort out your wardrobe and clear out those clothes that just don't work. However, I know this can be hard so I can come out and rummage through your wardrobe for you 🙂 During the session we go through everything, putting different combinations together and finding the gaps  so that your shopping trips become simple.

Personal shopping

As someone who has never been a keen shopper myself, I feel your pain at the thought of a shopping trip! But shopping with me is focussed, fun and all about you. When you have had your colours and style analysed, shopping becomes much simpler. We make a plan before we go then spend a couple  of hours together putting all the theory into practice and ending up with a selection of clothes to fill all the gaps we've found. We can scan the shops for the right colours and then look at styles so you only take the right clothes into the changing rooms. Some things are just not worth getting undressed for!

My clients love it and rave about the compliments they get afterwards:

"Eight days of the school run after my shopping trip with Jane, six days I wore my new clothes and got tons of compliments. The other two I wore my existing wardrobe and nothing!" We have Gill's next shopping trip in the diary:)

Style Consultant and Fashion Stylist

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion and the current trends support your signature style, they don’t dictate it. When you know the colours that suit your skin tone and the styles that suit your body shape, personality and lifestyle you can build a capsule wardrobe but that can look a bot boring if you don't add current trends. I help you keep abreast of the season's fashions so you don't look outdated (if your clothes look like they are stuck in the 80s people will assume your ideas are stuck there too!) but you only pick the trends that work for you! It's a minefield out there, that's why you need a professional to help!

More details of the services I offer can be found on my House of Colour webpage