A little bit of sunshine brings perspective back into our lives!

Sitting at the airport and contemplating my flight back. The coffee shop is bustling and I am sitting quietly reflecting on how different my life is. We are constantly learning and new experiences help us define who we are.

Top three things I have learnt this trip;

  1. Although I like my own company, I do prefer to be around people. I enjoy talking to people and having someone there to watch the world go by with even if we are quiet. Life is more fun when you are with family and friends
  2. I am creature of habit. I had the whole town of Tavira to explore yet I did the same walk every morning and had coffee at they same coffee shop and at the same table if I could!
  3. I can travel light. I took four pairs of trousers, six vest tops, three cardigans and had far too many clothes. Watch out for my Cyprus trip when I will pack even lighter!

So travel broadens the mind and new experiences make us grow. What I have come away with is a reminder of just how lucky I am and what a great life I have to go home to.