Use colour to stand out in a crowd

The power of colour

Be a Peacock in a land of Penguins


Colour is so powerful in so many ways, it can lift us up, it can evoke memories (how often do I hear that colours remind people of their school uniforms!), it can calm us and it can make us look amazing of course.
Another thing colour can do is help us stand out in a crowd. Colour analysis finds your palette of colours and YOU start to look good. Not only your clothes but YOU. People focus on your face and actually see you.

When you wear your colours, you start to stand out. Not in a bad way, as if you are in a high viz jacket and look a bit bonkers! But in a way where people know you because you look good all of the time.

Colour in a sea of grey


I was at a networking lunch recently and someone took a photo of the speaker. Who is standing out in that picture? Yay me! It’s a great example of how to make yourself a peacock in a land of penguins.


So many people wear greys and blacks because they’re not sure which colours suit them and so they disappear. Now I’m not saying you all have to dress quite as brightly as me, but adding splash of colour every day works wonders. It could be a scarf, a tie, jewellery or a jumper.




See if you can spot my fabulous client in this picture taken when he was on a night out in Birmingham recently!


Yep he's the only person wearing colour in the bar so your eyes are drawn to him. The fact that he looks gorgeous in red is an added bonus 🙂


But the benefits aren't just standing out in the crowd, my clients report so much confidence when they come back to me. I get all kinds of testimonials, a fabulous one yesterday said "my sister is happier and I love that"

So, it's all about the change on the inside as well as looking good on the outside. Totally win win!

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