Fabulous Words

Hi Jane,

I said I would drop you a line about my holiday wardrobe...

My holiday to Greece was the first time that I have not only been underweight with my luggage allowance!...I wore all the clothes that I took, wore something different every night and most importantly felt fab!

It's so lovely not worrying about not having anything to wear. I'm now ready to sort my winter wardrobe hence the change in lippy.

Speak soon

After having children, I, like a lot of ladies, got a bit stuck in a rut of wearing boring clothes that were functional rather than attractive, and then losing confidence the break out of the 'black, blue, and white' clothes (t shirt & jeans- every day), but being so bored of my clothes choices, yet not knowing enough to change.

I then started a business with my husband and had to look better (Networking meetings etc.)  and it was there that I met Jane, so bright, so lovely and looking stunning! I booked on her colour analysis class, followed by her personal style class and it changed my life! Honestly!

My confidence has now increased, my wardrobe looks colourful and interesting, I actually enjoy clothes and going shopping!

Also I hardly ever have an 'I have NOTHING to wear' moment 🙂 and I get LOTS of compliments.

I would recommend Jane without reservation, go on, just do it! You won't regret it!

- Deborah Rolls

Good afternoon Jane,

Hope you are well and enjoying this fab weather!

We asked XXX to complete a coaching evaluation form and please find below her comments on your time with her:

Coaches name: Jane Brook

How would you describe her coaching style? Fun, Inspirational

How did she add value? Changed my whole outlook on life. I have changed so much since I went to see Jane.

What could she have done differently to be more effective for you? It was a perfect day

Overall how would you rate her?

Poor Okay Good Excellent

Special thanks from Cargyll Jane; it has really transformed her life.

Hi Jane,

I don't think I ever got round to writing a testimonial but the past week I've rediscovered my HOC mojo and felt so good I wanted to let you know!

You know how I'm doing this 'no new clothes for a year' thing and with weight loss I've got a fairly minimal wardrobe left. I struck gold finding a pair of straight chocolate NYDJ jeans at a charity shop - £170 from John Lewis and very classy! I knew exactly what colour and style I needed to work for me and my hand went straight to that pair. I've worn them with classic brown heeled boots, brown cami, flowing cream blouse and patterned brown scarf to a pub party and WI meeting this week and had so many compliments! I've paid a bit more attention to hair & makeup than of late but I'm sure it's mainly because of the style and colour of clothes I'm wearing.

Today I'm off out Twitter training with Simon and I'm sticking with this outfit, feeling more confident than I have in years. Next week it's an exhibition and it'll be the same again, perhaps with a brighter scarf to stand out from all the generic black suits on the programme!

With a limited wardrobe it's so important to know what works really well. Having had my colours and style analysed by you, I can make this work - and it feels great! And unlike a spa day or city break, it's s gift that will give me boosts time after time for years to come. Thank you again!

Have a fab day.
Rae X