Personal Shopping Trip

While reaching the Big 5-0 didn't freak me out like some people, it did make me realise that I'd become a bit safe and 'samey' in everything I picked off the clothes rails.

Working from home doesn't help - no real urgency to think about the impact your appearance can have in social/professional situations.

Cue 'Shopping Jane'! She'll shake you up a bit and make you think outside your comfort zone, said a friend already overhauled by her!

And she wasn't wrong...I knew it was all in the colour but pairing some combinations I would never in my wildest dreams have considered just worked so well!

When people in the changing room turn to you and say: 'Wow, amazing!' you know you're doing something right.

Jane simply has that eye for detail and what her clients need to take them to the next level, to show them as their best selves.

So thanks Jane for your expertise - in just two hours you made me a younger ME and guaranteed I won't be looking back!

Personal Shopping Trip

I recently spent a morning shopping with Jane for some clothes to suit my summer colours and my style. I wanted to find something that I wouldn't normally go for, something unusual, and a jumpsuit (not easy since I am size 14 and 5 foot 4 – jumpsuits are usually for tall skinny people – or so I thought).

I found both items with Jane's help. A beautiful purple dress and a really flattering jumpsuit. I have had compliments from strangers when I have worn both of them.

Jane's knowledge and guidance has given me the confidence to look at clothes I wouldn't usually try on, and to understand what shapes suit me. I will definitely book another shopping day with Jane again – particularly if I have a a special event to go to. It was great fun too!

Thank you Jane.
Mandy xx

I recently had the most fabulous shopping day with Jane Brook!

I had seen Jane to find out my colours and surprisingly I am a sprinter winter, no I am not athletic, but it was a complete surprise to me as before I had been analysed as summer.

This first meeting totally transformed my wardrobe, and my choice of colours.

On this shopping day I had the intention of finding outfits suitable for work.

It was an absolute delight to find out all the styles that suit me, those things that are a complete no-no and the most wonderful thing is Jane's absolute honesty.

I came away with the most amazing bright colours that I have never worn in my life. The day has ymade me feel much more confident in my clothes and my future choices.

I would thoroughly recommend Jane as a colour consultant.

I have learnt so much.  I will l no longer be wasting hours of my time searching for the wrong clothes in the wrong colour and the wrong style !!

Alison Hill
Breakthrough Coach
Well Being For You

"So when you are a Personal Stylist wanting to update your look who do you go shopping with? Jane Brook of course! Thank you Jane for your sound advice, honest opinion and shopping with you!"

- Sian, Personal Shopping - October 2016