Personal Shopping Trip

"Well WHAT an experience it has been working with Jane!

Her energy, passion and enthusiasm for what she does is intoxicating!

She says it as it is and gets away with it as it comes from a good place and she really wants you to look your best. I thought the colour analysis was brilliant - I would never ever have worn electric blue but I look fabulous in it!! Then the style session blew me away! And THEN the personal shopping - well, THAT was phenomenal!! Worth every penny. A memorable (and by that I mean you learn stuff so you can independently shop and also is it such an amazing experience it will stay with me forever). I cannot recommend Jane highly enough. She has transformed the way I look & feel. Hilariously, whenever I wear outfits that Jane arranged I get between 6-12 compliments on the school run! When it's my 'old stuff' people just say "Morning Gilly". Says it all .

. . Thank you Jane - you are an amazingly talented woman!"

Gill - 2016

"I can highly recommend a personal shopping trip with Jane.  It's like shopping with a good friend, only better, because Jane already knows what you should look great in and she'll also tell you quite clearly if something isn't right for you!  Jane won't try to persuade you to buy anything you're not sure about, but she will encourage you to consider clothes you'd never normally pick off the rail, so you can have fun trying on new styles.  For me these, mint jeggings included, turned out to be some of my best purchases."

Cherrie 2015,