Wardrobe Review

I'm Esther and my business is called, 'Online Media Works'. I specialise in working with creative businesses to improve their online presence.

I was looking to update my look and my wardrobe because last year I had breast cancer and after my mastectomy my body confidence had plummeted.

I found Jane Brook via Facebook about three years ago and 'having my colours done' had revitalised the way I viewed myself (I'm a winter!) and I felt I needed another boost and a refresh.


Jane is so lovely to work with, she's positive and full of inspirational ideas.  It can be daunting inviting someone into the deep recesses of your wardrobe but I soon discovered clothing combinations that I wouldn't have thought of and new ways of wearing different outfits, just by accessorising differently or by pairing with shoes and bags that were languishing unloved and unworn in the depths of the cupboard.


Jane has saved me so much time in the mornings, as I no longer have choice anxiety over what to wear and I am getting more confident in putting my clothes together so I look cohesive and effectively promote my personal brand.  As a result, I'm more positive when I look in the mirror and my look reflects the real me.


I would thoroughly recommend Jane for a wardrobe session, it was just what I needed to add some zing  and new ideas which positively impact on my life every day.

Esther - Wardrobe Review, 2016

I loved my Colour Analysis and Personal Style session with Jane 18 months ago and have put lots of the tips and advice she gave me into practice, however I felt a little 'out of control' with my shopping habits!  Although I'd bought lots of things in my colours / style, I still wasn’t sure how to put things together to get a 'capsule wardrobe ' that made me feel I'd got lots to wear.

I asked Jane to come and make sense of what I'd got in my wardrobe.  We spent 2 hours separating good from bad, working out new combinations, taking images of outfits on my phone and working out how my favourite 'bad choices' could still be made to work for me. She showed me why certain items worked and this all re-enforced what I'd learnt or forgotten during our previous sessions.


She helped me make sense of my wardrobe, thinned it out and gave me a small shopping list of 3 key tops I should buy that will give me even more choice for clothing combinations.


After throwing out over 25% of items that didn’t work with my core outfits, I am now left with a clear view of what works – thank you Jane - I'm back in control and the charity shop is delighted!

Alison H - Wardrobe Review, 2016